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Voting: To Vote Or Not

By November 8, 2016 Encouragement, General
Vote: To Vote Or Not

Many people think, “why does it matter if I vote?”

They think that their one vote will not make a difference. But think what if everyone thought that way. Then no one would vote.

Maybe they are not confident in their choice.
Maybe they aren’t making an educated decision.
Maybe they feel there isn’t a good candidate.

All of these are good reasons to educate yourself. Don’t always listen to what everyone else is saying about the candidate and make your own decisions. Pray for God’s wisdom. Pray for God to convict these candidates. Pray for our country.

Joshua 1:9b

“… Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

I am not going to tell you who to vote for in this blog post. I think you need to research the candidates, pray, and vote based on the Bible.

I really don’t think either candidate has a true relationship with the Lord. If they do then I apologize. I just do not see the fruit in their everyday life.
With that being said we are all sinners!

We all have a freedom of speech and this is mine.

The Value of Life

Let’s discuss the issue of abortion. Sanctity of Life is very important. God is to choose when we are born and when we die. When we take that into our own hands then we are going against God. It is murder! All day everyday, it is murder. I know many think, well if something is wrong with the baby it is ok. Some think, well if someone is raped then it is ok because who wants to be born out of rape. I just want to say if God allowed this child to be conceived then he has a plan for that human being. Just think if your parents had aborted you. I also know many people that have been  born that were supposed to have disabilities that turned out fine or have brought others to Jesus because of their disability. There are also many lawyers, doctor, nurses, pastors, service men and women, fire police and medic personnel, mothers, and fathers that their parents chose life instead of aborting them. There are also many people in the world that cannot have children and would love to adopt a child that is not wanted or planned. Would you really go tell someone that was a product of rape that they should have been aborted? I didn’t think so.

Children and Our Future

We need to think about the Future of our Country! Do we want our children to be taught morals? Yes!
One man and one woman is what God designed and I believe that is where God wants us to remain. Life can not happen with two men or two women. It takes a man and a woman to create life. Sorry but the facts are the facts.
We need our children to see that the ones who are supposed to be leading our country are morally correct. Telling lies, cheating, hiding things, allowing the murder of unborn babies, and allowing same sex marriages is just not moral.
Treating everyone as equals should not be an option. Racism should be stopped not encouraged. We all should show Love to everyone no matter their color. Loving as God does.
Those who are coming from other countries should be welcomed here of course. But they should be legal! They should have to purchase health plans and pay their health bills just like we do. There are many people that work hard everyday who are struggling to pay their health care bills and insurance, while there are illegal immigrants who are getting free health care. Well we all know that the tax payers are actually the ones paying for their health care. So we pay for ours and theirs actually.  I think if you are caught here illegally then you are to be transported back. I also think the illegal immigrants are taking the jobs that US citizens should have. Maybe we wouldn’t have so many on unemployment and homeless if our citizens were the ones employed instead of the illegal immigrants working for cheap pay under the table. I understand them wanting to be here I do. I also think we should welcome everyone to our soil, but they should take the appropriate measures to be Legal!
I know we are all sinners!! All of us! We all fall short everyday including me, but I have to say you are being held at a higher standard when you want to be a leader of our country just like a pastor is held at a higher standard in everyones eyes. They of all people need to be an example.

Protecting Our Families

We have some in the running that want to take away our right to bear arms!  What? Really? It should be our Right to Protect ourselves and our families. Most who have a true relationship with the Lord are not the ones doing the mass killings or killing others at all. It is the criminals who are able to get their hands on guns illegally that are doing the killings. So taking away our right to bear arms is just going to make it even worse. We will be unable to protect ourselves. Is that really going to help? I think not!

Money Money Money

Well it is pretty clear that we are in debt. Both the Republicans and Democrats have contributed to the 19 trillion debt that we are in. Were any of them actually thinking about the country or were they just doing what they wanted. I saw presidents taking vacations that were not exactly a need I don’t believe. Also taking them during holidays causing for more security to be away from their families. If the candidates would give their money to the country instead of their campaigns I think that would help :)! It is pretty self explanatory, if you don’t have the money you don’t spend it. We teach our kids this and they grasp it, so hello!!

To Vote Or Not Vote

So if you are debating on voting or not please take a little time and educate yourself, Pray, and GO VOTE! If you do not vote then you can’t complain about who wins or loses. I do not think either candidate is perfect, they are far from perfect and so am I :). Let God lead you in a decision.

Do not let Fear hold you back.

James 2:17b

“… faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead”

Your actions to vote must line up with your faith. Seize the opportunity you have to vote and make your vote count.

Take Action!


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Am I Offending God?

By November 7, 2016 Encouragement
Did I Hurt God?

Ephesians 4:30
“Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.”

Sometimes we ask God a question and want an immediate answer. It doesn’t always happen does it?

It would be awesome if every time we wanted an answer about something we could just pray and know that at that moment God would very clearly answer that question. To have clear immediate answers would just be so nice. No wondering or thinking. No questioning if it was God speaking to us or not.

Oh yeah, that would be pretty awesome!

I have had to deal with some difficult situations through life and asked God for answers, clarity, or a push in the right direction. I have prayed, read scripture, meditated on His Word and searched for an answer. I wanted a clear answer of what God wanted me to do. You know a light bulb moment where I just knew it was from God. Point me to a verse that will be very clear. Speak out loud to me. Make something happen. I wanted a very clear answer so I felt confident in making the decisions I needed to make.

I have even said, ok God if you make this happen today then I will know you want me to do this. Or Lord make this happen if you want me to go this path. I have even said, “God why are you not answering me? Why is this so hard? Can you just please show me the way. You know I’m waiting on you, right?”

That is when the verse form Ephesians came to my mind very clearly. The only thing I could do was think oh how I have grieved the Holy Spirit of God. I apologized to God. I told God how much I loved him and how I loved him more than life and that he was the most important thing. I am so unworthy of His love.

As I read Ephesians 4 God directed me toward words that were answers I needed. Like a light was shinning down on the verse and highlighting certain words for me.

It hit me that I was not really in God’s word like I needed to be. I was not being a good christian mom, wife, daughter, or friend. I was being frustrated with the ones I loved. I was letting bitterness and anger inside my heart. All these things were causing me to grieve His Spirit which was not what I wanted at all, but the little sins were causing so much bad in my life. I was not showing good fruits of the spirit. Love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and self control were not being expressed by me at all. This was hurting the feelings and emotions of the Holy Spirit.

As I told God how sorry I was and confessed my sins I felt such a relief and closeness to God.

To live like Christ we must forgive and extend kindness to others forgiving them as God forgave us. We must express love from deep within our hearts.

God gave us a His Holy Spirit as a guide and companion for life. I thank God for His unconditional love for me. He loves me even when I am not acting as I should. I pray God will make me aware of my sins and help me to repent and move forward in Him.

Ephesians 4:30
“Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.”

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5 Tips For Better Mornings

By November 4, 2016 Encouragement, Mom Life
5 Tips For Better Mornings

Let’s be honest here, we all have gone through times in our life that we just have terrible mornings!

You may be in one of those struggles right now  and wonder if you will ever have a good morning.

Do you want to makeover your mornings so you can have a better morning and routine?

I am going to share with you my 5 tips for better mornings.

So, if you want to bring some order instead of chaos to your days and feel more in control of your days then join in. Making your mornings more smooth will make for a more productive and peaceful day, because when you start the day on the right foot the rest of the day will fall into place easier without all the hassle and effort.

Maybe you plan on getting up and getting things done first thing in the morning and you have great intentions, but something always happens. Maybe the baby didn’t sleep well or someone was up sick or fussy.  Maybe you just had something on your mind and didn’t sleep well. Maybe you just hit the alarm clock a few to many times. Sometimes we start a new routine and do awesome only to fall off the wagon within a few weeks.

Join the crowd, life happens!

These 5 tips will help you to create a routine that works for you in the season of life you are in.

1- Start the Night Before

We are all tired at night, trust me I know! Sometimes you feel like you have not even sat down all day till you lay in your bed. I completely understand that. But I have found that if I just take 10-15 minutes every night to prep for the next day my mornings go much better.

3 Things I do in those 10-15 minutes

  1. Do a quick tidy of all the main living areas.
  2. Make a to-do list for the next day.
  3. Pack/prep things for the next day (lunch boxes, purses, diaper bags, library books)

When you have done these things you will be able to get in bed feeling more relaxed for the next day. Your mind will be more at rest so your body can rest.  You will also be able to wake up the next morning to a clean house which puts everyone in a good mood, right? Your day will be planned out and all you have to do is follow the to-do list.

2-Rise Early

I know that getting up early is not for everyone. I also know that there are seasons in our lives that getting up early just is not an option. When you are pregnant and not feeling well, have little ones that wake all hours of the night, are sick or have sick family members, getting up early just may not be the best thing for you during those times. Trust me I have been there and I know how hard it is.

I don’t suggest you start getting up at 5 am if you normally get up at 8 am. My suggestion would be to get up 15 minutes earlier than normal. Once you are adjusted to that then move your wake up time to 15 minutes earlier again. You will be amazed at what just 15 minutes of time alone in the morning will do for you. When you wake up before your children and not to your children you will have a better frame of mind as well. When we wake up to our children crying, screaming, jumping on our bed, or pulling on us it can start your day of on the wrong foot. If you wake up and have time to yourself to get awake and started then you will feel fresh and ready for them when they wake up.

I encourage you to spend that time Reading the Bible, Having Quiet Time With The Lord, Meditating on God’s Word, Being In Prayer, and Doing Affirmations. This time will allow you to relax and be calm so that you can count all your blessings and begin your day with a prayerful and thankful heart.

3-Get Ready

I strongly suggest that you get ready before everyone else. Get up and brush your teeth, fix your hair, put on your makeup if you wear makeup, and change your clothes. Even if you are only putting on a t-shirt and yoga pants change your clothes. When you are ready and not putting it off all morning you feel ready to tackle the day. If you are in your pj’s at 11am you may feel like you have not accomplished anything and will feel blah. You will be amazed at how much getting ready first thing in the morning before everyone else can change your mornings.


Exercise is very important and can really get you going. Maybe you could fit in some yoga poses during your quiet time with the Lord. I love to stretch and do yoga during my meditation on God’s word and during my affirmations.  If you can go for  a walk or jog that would be wonderful. Getting out and getting some sunshine and fresh air could really bless your mornings and make for a better morning and day. My husband goes to work really early so this is not an option for me because I can not leave the house with everyone still in the bed. I do love to go outside on the porch and do my Bible time if the weather permits though. Get your blood pumping if possible and you will be off to a great start in your day with a smile on your face. You can be proud of what you have accomplished so far and it will still be early in your day. Who doesn’t like feeling ahead, right?

5-Do the Hard Chores First

This can be a hard one and not every chore can be done while the others in the house are still sleeping of course. 🙂 You have to stop the procrastinating. I have always been a procrastinator! This has left me feeling overwhelmed, behind and just like a failure at times. I had to stop putting things off and just jump forward first thing and getting them done. I also found that if I would tackle the dreaded jobs early in the day I felt better. It’s crazy how those things loom over you until you accomplish them. You will think about them all day until they have been done and marked off your list.

Chores I like to do first thing in the morning.

1- Wipe down the bathroom after I get ready.
2-Start a load of laundry. (I do at least one load of laundry daily.)
3-Mop or Steam Hardwoods if they need it.
4-Tackle the chore of the day. (Each day of the week for me has an area or zone to work on.)

I hope these tips will help you to have a better morning also. Take these tips and make a schedule that works for you and the season of life you are in at the moment.

Please comment, like, and share this post.
Thank you for stopping by!



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Listening For God As If You Had No Ears

By October 25, 2016 Encouragement
Listening For God As If You Had No Ears

Have you ever tried to listen to someone speak with ear plugs in?

It’s hard to hear them isn’t it?

Have you ever thought how those who can’t hear actually listen and understand what others are saying?

You don’t have to have ears or be able to hear. You must learn to listen with your heart, soul, and from within.

We have all had times where we feel our prayers are not being answered. Yes, God is listening! Maybe you have heard that God answers prayers in more ways than yes or no. This is very true!

When I am praying about specific issues day in and day out and I feel like nothing is happening I often think is God listening? Does he not hear me? Are you telling me no, Lord?

There are times when things do not end up the way we wanted, prayed, or just not how we thought God would answer them.

Someone passed away that we had prayed for a miracle for.

A sickness is still causing pain and issues for a loved one.

Someone is paralyzed after a tragic accident and there is no hope for them to regain their mobility.

A child is born with a deformity or is special needs.

You have prayed for children, but have not been blessed with children.

You have prayed for a spouse, but are still single.

Divorces happen after much prayer.

Children disobey or go astray despite all your constant prayer.

I could go on and on about things that happen that we just don’t understand. We question God if he was listening, if he didn’t care, or if he just said no.

He doesn’t always answer prayers the way we think he should, but he is always working and making it the way he wants. Sometimes it is best to pray for God’s will to be done. Yes, I know it is hard in those dark moments to not want what we want.

We must open our ears and listen for the Lord to speak to us. Try to listen with our heart, soul, and deep within ourselves. How would you listen if you could not hear His voice? God speaks in many ways and we must be open to however he is speaking at that moment.  Try to listen as if you had no ears to hear.


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By October 17, 2016 Encouragement, Mom Life

Modesty In Today’s World

Today modesty is just not important to way too many people. You can go to malls and see girls and women walking around with shorts so short that no boy or man would even need to use their imagination. Their shirts are either very short showing all of their stomachs or cut so low that their cleavage or breasts are very much exposed. Why is it that females feel they need to show so much skin? Is it low self esteem? High self esteem? I was raised to be modest and I am trying to instill this in my daughters in a world that is just not modest.

Girls Clothing

It is very hard to find clothing for young girls and teens these days. Shorts are just way too short in my opinion. Jeans are way too tight. I just think there are not a lot of choices for our daughters these days. It is a constant struggle to make sure their clothes fit and are not too short or tight. Then of course you have to deal with the, “Everyone wears their clothes like this, MOM!”

Schools and After School Activities

Back when I was in school there were dress codes in the schools. I know some schools still have them but some just do nothing about how students are dressed. When I go to the middle school and see 6th, 7th, and 8th grade girls walking around with cut off shorts that their bottoms are hanging out of and a spaghetti strap shirt that is also cut short enough to show their belly button something is wrong! And who is letting their daughters out of the house like that?!?! I know that girls will change their clothes or take off a sweater or jacket after they leave the house. I have seen my own girls do this and well, lets just say it didn’t go over very well. I check their social media sites and I highly suggest everyone do this. If I see my children wearing something that is not modest or not what they walked out of the house wearing I do address it. So, yes I know this can happen but we have to stay on top of it and there needs to be consequences when it does.

Innocence and Purity

Shouldn’t we strive to maintain the innocence and purity in our children as long as possible? Children are born with such a sweet innocence. Their pure minds are so precious and we should want them to stay that way! I don’t want my children to hear bad things or see impure things. Once they see it or hear it they no longer are pure and innocent. The Song of  Songs is very clear that we are charged to not awaken love until the appropriate time as it states it three times. Look at Song of Song 2:7; 3:5; 8:4. I think this is very important!

What Does Modesty Reveal

Modesty is a reflection of how we think, love and obey God. Modesty is not only the way we dress though. It is also our attitudes, our behavior, and the language that comes out of our mouth and even written in social media. When you see a girl or boy dressed showing more than needed, do you like the photo? Do you comment on the photo? Do you share it or show it to others? Do you have impure thoughts when looking at it? God knows your thoughts.

Focus on God 

We must focus on God and pleasing Him as well as carrying out His good works. When you or your children get dressed ask these questions. Would you wear this to church? Would you wear it in front of your youth leader or preacher? Would you wear it if you were going to meet the Lord today? Would Jesus approve of what you are wearing? Could what you have on cause someone else to sin? If you answer these questions and feel good about what you are wearing then you should be ok.

We should be focused on God so that we may shine for Him in a pleasing way!

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When Your Life Feels Like Every Hashtag Should Read #MOMFAIL

By July 21, 2016 Encouragement, Mom Life
When Your Life Feels Like Every Hashtag Should Read #MOMFAIL

Have you seen the hashtag #MOMFAIL?

Maybe you have, maybe not.
Maybe you have thought about posting it yourself.
Maybe you have seen it and thought, “Wow, I can’t believe she put that for everyone to see”.
Do you try to hide your mom fails?
I think we all try to hide our failures at times if we are honest with each other and ourselves.

Life is not always perfect. Life is not always the way we plan it. But you do not have to feel like a failure because of these things.


  • You could feed everyone off the floor of the house or the van.
  • The laundry is piled so high that you are taking clothes out of the pile to wear and saying it’s ok the wrinkles will fall out.
  • You realize the door was open the entire time you were gone to the store.
  • The flies in the house are out numbering the people inside.
  • You get to church or school and someone in the vehicle does not have shoes.
  • You forget a sporting event or practice.
  • You stop at the store to get a present on the way to the birthday party.
  • When you look in the mirror and say did I really look like this all day?
  • The kids are still in their pj’s at 4 in the afternoon.
  • Bible time with the family is more like a wrestling match with the little kids.
  • When you can’t hear yourself think because the noise in the house or car is so loud so you just turn up the volume to the radio and sing like you don’t hear any of them.
  • When you have warmed up your coffee so many times you can’t remember.
  • Instead of using gentle words to turn away wrath you let harsh words slip or scream out of your mouth because of anger.
  • You watch the workout videos but can’t seem to get up and do them.There are days that I feel like I am so far from the Proverbs 31 woman. I wonder if this is normal. Do all moms feel this way or is it just me? Am I the only one failing at this mom thing? I make excuses that it is normal and that other moms are not as put together as they appear. It helps in the moment lol..Do you feel like mothering is a test? Will you make it through the day?
    Do you feel this way?
    Do  you secretly put #MOMFAIL on your day once or more?
    If so, you are not alone.


Remember that when you have failed, there is always tomorrow.
In our mothering journeys there will be times that we feel overwhelmed, frustrated, stressed, and like failures. We go through seasons that can seem to last forever or change as fast as they come on. There will be waves that we will need to just ride out to the end. But know that today will come to an end and there will be a new day tomorrow. You may find yourself needing to change something around to make things go smoothly or work at all. What works for one mom may not work for you, and some advice will work like a charm. Try different things. If it works praise the Lord and keep on, if it doesn’t then move on to the next suggestion and pray for it to be the trick. Try not to work on to many things at a time. Focus on one thing and then move on to another that way you don’t get overwhelmed and want to forget it all.

Psalm 139 “You have searched me, Lord, and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways. Before a word is on my tongue you, Lord, know it completely. You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me. 

Give yourself grace. If you have one child or multiple children give yourself grace. One step at a time. You can accomplish many things if you don’t overload yourself and remember that you are not perfect and neither are your children. I have to remind myself this all the time.

Remember that the world may be against you, but God is for you!
Some days I will pray very specifically for my children and myself to be a better mother, and somedays I feel like the devil will be working overtime on me. I mean lets face it, the devil hates us who love the Lord and seek after him. He wants all your days to be #MOMFAILS. He loves it when you feel like a failure, when you end up locked out of the house when it is pouring rain or over 100 degrees, when you don’t have food ready and the kids are all screaming, and when you can’t sit in church because of the baby who will not sit in church quietly or stay in the nursery without you.

Romans 8:31 “What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?”

Be reassured that nothing can separate us from the love of God.

Know that just because the day did not go as planned or maybe you didn’t have a #MOMWIN at all that God’s love gives us the courage and grace to do it all again the next day. We can get up in the morning and do it over and make this day better. His mercies are new every single day!

Psalm 32:8 “I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you.”

Find something good in the day like..

  • You vacuumed the floor
  • Everyone had on clothes when you left the house and arrived where you were going.
  • No one was hurt or needed an emergency room visit.
  • Your little one said his prayers.
  • Teeth were brushed and maybe everyones hair.
  • The clothes you wore didn’t smell bad.
  • You cuddled with your kids and heard the words “I Love You MOM!”.
  • You saw excitement in your childs eyes when they did something alone even though they made a mess.
  • You finished your cup of coffee. Even if it was at dinner time.
  • Your son’s aim is getting better in the bathroom. 🙂
  • Your daughter left her dress down during church instead of showing everyone her panties.
  • Your son actually went to the restroom instead of pulling his pants down outside on the playground.
  • The way those little arms feel wrapped around your neck.
  • You see your children playing together and not hurting one another.You are blessed!
    Feel blessed!
    You are too blessed to be stressed!

On days when you feel like #MOMFAIL be encouraged that there is hope. There is grace, hope, and encouragement in God’s word and know that God is with you weather you are having a #MOMFAIL or #MOMWIN. Find hope in Him!

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Mountains and Mole Hills of Motherhood

By May 6, 2016 Encouragement
Mountains and Mole Hills of Motherhood

Some days as a mother you will face mole hills and some days you will face mountains.

It is all in how you approach the mountains and mole hills and how you climb them and overcome them as to the example you leave for those watching.

There are days that you see mountains and mole hills everywhere you turn. The mountain of mail and papers sitting on the counter, the mountain of laundry that is overflowing, the mountain of dirty dishes that are never ending, the toddler that is screaming and saying no to everything, the baby that will not sleep day or night, the potty training 2 year old that is determined to go potty everywhere in the house except the potty, the dogs that track mud in and leave paw prints, the teenagers that need something and it is always right now or already late, maybe it is aging parents that are forgetful or having health issues, maybe you are dealing with bringing a parent into your home or choosing to put them in a care facility, maybe you have a loved one going through a health crisis. It can be exhausting to deal with all the mountains and mole hills.

Have you ever found yourself in one of these situations? Maybe all of them even on the same day.

With 5 children I can find myself in many of these situations each and every day at times.
Sometimes the little mole hills turn into mountains because you are already stressed about a mountain that you have already dealt with.

If we let ourselves get overly stressed by these mountains and mole hills then we can find ourselves sick, moody, and cause many other issues.

There are highs and lows of everyday. I like to ask our kids at the dinner table each night what their low of the day was. After we discuss their lows and work through any problems then we discuss our highs. It is always fun to go around the table and see how the day played out for everyone. Sometimes when it is my turn the kids can answer for me. They may say oh I know your low was when “…. happened, right mom?”  Normally they can guess because when mountains and mole hills occur I don’t always deal well with it and it shows in my actions.

At times we have to pull back from a mountain and rest and nourish our mind and soul. If I take a moment to pray or turn on a christian song or even sing as scary as that may be 🙂 it helps me to deal with the mountain a little better. I may see through all the negatives of the mountain I am trying to overcome. Maybe I see the testy teenagers side of the argument or problem. Maybe I realize the laundry and dishes are a blessing that we have food and I have healthy children that like to eat.  I may realize the toddler is at least learning what it feels like to potty even though it isn’t in the correct place and the floor needed deep cleaning anyway. Maybe the parents that are aging just need more time with me and I need to take the time to enjoy them right here and right now. Maybe the sick loved one is a sign that I need to thank God for good healthcare and the fact that I have this person in my life. You can change your outlook on the situation just by stepping back taking a deep breath and letting God take over the situation.

Psalm 62:5 says “Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from Him. Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.”

With the help of the Lord we can take on those mountains and mole hills of life.

Don’t let every mole hill become a mountain in Motherhood.

Be an example and show those watching how to deal with mountains and mole hills of life.

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Body Image

By April 19, 2016 Encouragement

We all struggle from time to time with negative body image.

Maybe we have had babies and are left with stretch marks or loose skin. Maybe we have gained pounds over the years and just can’t seem to get them off. Maybe we just don’t like the way we look in the mirror.

If you don’t struggle with any negative body image issues then good job, but most of us at some point or another have.

How many women have you heard say things like, “If I could just lose this baby belly,” or “I have stretch marks all over my body,” or “My hair is just not like so and so’s, it’s so wild and crazy,” or “I will never be able to fit in those jeans again,” or my favorite is “Wow now that lady is just beautiful!”

I have said many of these statements and heard them also. I have to say when I am down on myself I am always referring to how beautiful someone else is. I always see a mom that is all fixed up. You know the mom that has the hair all fixed, makeup that is just perfect, hourglass body with big boobs, big butt, legs that go on for days, and a waist that is just perfect with no extra skin, no fluff, no stretch marks, and looks like she is straight out of a magazine shoot. These are the days that I am running around with a mom bun or hat, barely any makeup, sweat pants and a sweat shirt or a shirt with baby spit up or breast milk on it. Normally I see these moms and then I look in the mirror and I see myself with my what I call house clothes on and a baby wrapped to me making me look even more frumpy.

Now think about it. Do you think that is what everyone else thinks? No. They see through the exterior. They see your beautiful smile, your eyes that light up when your baby looks at you and smiles, they see you carrying that baby to make it happy because you are a loving mother. They see how genuine you are when you say hello and ask how they are. They love the way you are frugal in your ways and compassionate towards those in your life and the ones you meet.

When we are down on ourselves we have to think what are we saying to those around us. Do we have daughters that we are teaching bad habits by displaying negative body image. If I tell my daughters how unhappy I am with my body that will teach her to find her flaws.

We should be leading by example. We want our daughters to see themselves  as beautiful creations of God. If we don’t see ourselves like this then they won’t either.

Love yourself for who you are. You don’t have to look like everyone else. God made us all unique. He created us just the way he wanted us.

Maybe we need to work on our health and it could help us feel better about ourself. But those things that we can not change like loose skin and stretchmarks are  badges of honor. When we are blessed to carry a child then sometimes we are left with badges of honor. Think of these as your mommy badge and thank the Lord for allowing you to be blessed to be a mother. Your body did a big beautiful thing and it is amazing how the human body works. God is just amazing. So take those badges of honor and smile when you see them because they are a memory of how your body changed and provided for your little blessings.

We have to remember that God created us in His image.

In 1 Corinthians 13:12 Paul says, “Now we see things imperfectly as in a cloudy mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God knows me now.”

If we spend our time getting to know God then we will know how much he loves us flaws and all. As we get closer and closer to God the more others will be able to see Him in us.

You matter to God. Ask for His wisdom. Treat your body as a precious temple that He created and take care of it.

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Exercise Is A Form Of Worship: Devotional

By April 13, 2016 Encouragement, Fit Living

Have you ever considered exercise to be a form of worship?

If you think of how you are worshiping the Lord while you are working out it will bless you in more ways than one.

Do you dread exercise?  It is not as natural for some people as it is for others. But if you change the way you look at exercise then you can change you attitude, mindset, and the entire outlook of working out.

Exercise is not all about getting fit, getting sweaty, your body, or even getting out your aggression and letting go of stress. The Lord desires to be the focus of everything in your life and that means all areas of your life. You can worship the Lord in everything you do if you allow the Lord to be a part of it.



The verse Romans 12:2 really speaks to me.

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect “


I remind myself that my body is a gift from the Lord. It is a gift that I am able to move the way I can. It is a gift that I have functioning arms, legs, hands, and feet. I enjoy the fact that I can breath a deep breath of air and not feel pain or worry about pollutants like in some places around the world.

The body that God created is amazing. Every detail is so specific and he made it all work together perfectly.

When I workout I love to listen to praise music. I like to sing and praise the Lord. I like to think about how blessed I am. I find it very uplifting and it can change your mood and ease your mind if you are in a tough spot in life. I use this time to pray and talk to the Lord. If you do not have a workout partner then think again. God is your workout partner. He is there cheering you on to run that extra step or to the next mailbox (lol my husband does this for me when we run together) and God is doing it in every step you take. I take this time to also listen. I listen for what the Lord may be trying to tell me. If we are to busy talking and thinking then we may miss out on what the Lord is trying to tell us.  I tend to leave my workouts feeling better in so many ways. I am filled with the spirit, healthier, and renewed.

Let the Lord guide you in the exercise that is right for your body. Not everyone is meant to run a marathon just like not everyone is meant to do yoga. We each have to do what is right for us. If He leads us then it will be the right exercise for us! Trust in the Lord to help, support, and guide you each day.

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Social Acceptance and How Many “Likes” You Can Get

By April 5, 2016 Encouragement

Do you feel the bite of social acceptance and how many “likes” you can get?

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old. Maybe you are a 10 year old girl or boy posting a selfie on instagram,  a 35 year old mom posting a picture of your child on facebook, or a 80 year old posting about your latest adventure on social media we all want to be accepted, loved, and feel the approval of others. You see everyone else getting tons of likes on their pics or post and everyone seems to be more “liked” than you. It can hurt no matter what age you are.

I have overheard my teenage girls saying more than one time, “Look it’s only been 1 minute and I got 50 likes already”. Or “wow, I can’t believe I don’t have as many likes as she does on her picture”.

I truly believe social media can be the root of all evil. It was not like this when I was growing up thankfully. I wish it was not like this now for my children as they grow up and I really dread to see what my grandchildren will have in their time.

I often try to remind my children that they should not be “liked” for a picture or a post. They should be “liked” for who they are on the inside and how they act and treat others. Your self-worth does not come from how many “likes” you get or the approval of others.

No, they normally do not like to hear these things but they normally do understand.

I have to remind myself these things at times. I admit I wonder why a post doesn’t get any likes or why a specific person doesn’t comment on my picture but does comment on a picture someone else puts up. Your mind goes in overdrive and you think, “do they not like me?'”,  “do they like them better?”, “are they just trying to be mean or make a point?”, all these things go through your mind. I can only imagine how much worse it is for a teenager that is hormonal, going through ups and downs with friends, and thinking about boys and all that fun stuff.

I remember being a young girl looking for approval from others. I wanted to be accepted in groups. We all had insecurities that were made worse at times by what others would say or even not say. I remember being rejected by a group of people or a boy and thinking the world was coming to an end.

These insecurities  and feelings from those times do not just dissapear as you get older. They often fester and grow larger as time goes on. We see our high school and college friends on facebook or other social media sites and see how perfect their lives are. They are the picture of perfect. Their families pics are awesome, they are happily married, have a perfect husband, never been divorced, they are in great shape, their kids never misbehave, they have a big nice house with the picket fence and gorgeous green grass, they vacation at the best resorts, drive the high dollar cars, and their lives seem perfect.

That is what we see. But that isn’t always the truth. Behind the staged photos the kids are bickering and no one wants to be in that picture but mom. They may have a marriage that is on the brinks of disaster and one could be cheating on the other. They aren’t in great shape just appear that way after the eating disorder or surgery. The house is not theirs just a neighbor that let them use it for the pictures or the house is theirs but they can’t truly afford it. The vacations are all put on credit cards and will never be paid for along with the cars and everything else they buy.

Now we all know that there are people that have wonderful lives and there are people that don’t. But just remember that everything you see on social media is not always what it appears to be. Don’t let it bother you that others are happy or doing well. Be happy for them. It is hard but you will feel so much better if you don’t worry about it and just be happy for them. Just because they appear happy on the outside doesn’t mean that they don’t have some of the same insecurities that you do. They may be hurting deep down from something that is happening right now or from something in their past. Maybe they look at your pictures and feel the same way. They may feel rejected or unaccepted by others. They may want your life and you not even know it. They may just want to feel loved.

I know I struggle with these things myself from past hurt and even present. Maybe you feel these same things.

I have found that in God’s word we can feel comfort. In Ephesians 1:4 we can read, “Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes”.

No matter how bad we feel we know that God always loves us and accepts us for who we are.

On days when you don’t feel loved or like you aren’t enough know that you are more than enough for the Lord.  Maybe you didn’t get as many “likes” as you expected. He is the only like that truly matters. If you lose sight of what really matters and how unique you are know that he made you. He created you perfect in his image. God made you just the way he wants you.

We are not only chosen by a mighty sovereign God, but we are accepted, blessed, forgiven, and redeemed. If there is one like that should matter in your life it is the “like” of the Lord.

Social media acceptance and how many “likes” you can get are not what is going to matter!

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