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How Much Water Should You Drink Daily?

By March 16, 2016 Fit Living
How much water do you need per day?

How much water do you drink daily?

How much water do you think you should drink daily?

Do you think it is 8 glasses, 6 glasses, 1 liter, 1 gallon, or how much?

Well, if you said it depends on how much you weigh then you would be correct. There is no specific amount of water that works for every person in general.

Think about it. Would you tell a baby to drink 8 glasses of water per day like you would say to an adult? No!

Do you think a man weighing 250 pounds should drink the same amount as a woman weighing 115 pounds? No! Their needs are different.


We all know that water is essential to good health. Your needs will vary depending on your weight, activity level, health status, and where you live.

Your body is made up of 60% water. Each and every system in your body is dependent on water to work. Water is used to carry nutrients to cells and flush toxins out of your organs.

You are continuously losing water from your body through urine and sweat.

When you do not get enough water you get dehydrated. This stresses your body including your systems, organs and brain.

Do you find yourself in a brain fog? Drink a glass of water.

Do you find yourself tired? Drink a glass of water.


If you exercise or do strenuous activities then you need an extra 1-3 cups per day.

If the environment is very hot or humid and causes you to sweat then you need extra fluid.

If you have been sick or have an illness then more fluids are required. Fever, diarrhea, and vomiting can cause dehydration so you need extra fluids to prevent this from happening.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding then you should be drinking more water than required. You should drink around 2 extra cups of water per day if you are pregnant and possibly 5 extra cups of water per day if you are breastfeeding. I think that would all depend on how old your child is and how much milk they are getting from you. If a baby is a newborn nursing all the time then you would need extra extra water to keep your supply increasing as their needs increase. If you have a toddler that is only nursing once or twice a day and not for long intervals then you won’t need as much as with a newborn. If you are having milk supply issues then try increasing your water intake and see if it helps your supply.


Most of the time if your urine is colorless or straw light yellow in color then you are hydrated.

If you are thirsty then normally you have waited to long and you are getting dehydrated.


Weight loss

Many people want to know, does water intake help you lose weight?

Drinking water does have an effect on your weight by increasing your metabolism and reducing your appetite. Woohoo for drinking more water, right?

Research has shown that drinking 2 liters of water in one day can increase your energy expenditure drastically.

Cold water is best for these purposes as your body will expend energy trying to heat the body from the cold water it took in.

Drink water 30 minutes before a meal to reduce the amount you eat which will also decrease the amount of calories you take in! ūüôā

What it helps

Drinking enough water per day helps with constipation, cancer, kidney stones, acne, and skin hydration.

Come on now, aren’t you seeing the benefits of drinking enough water.

 So how much water should you drink daily then you say.

Well it is a really simple thing. Many people try to make it difficult.

Take your weight and cut it in half. There you go! That number is how many ounces you should drink per day.

Here is a chart to help you out.

Weight      Water Needed Daily
100 lb             50 ounces

110 lb             55 ounces

120 lb             60 ounces

130 lb             65 ounces

140 lb             70 ounces

150 lb             75 ounces

160 lb            80 ounces

170 lb             85 ounces

180 lb             90 ounces

190 lb             95 ounces

200 lb            100 ounces

210 lb            105 ounces

220 lb            110 ounces

230 lb            115 ounces

240 lb           120 ounces

250 lb            125 ounces

260 lb            130 ounces

270 lb            135 ounces

280 lb           140 ounces

290 lb           145 ounces

300 lb           150 ounces

**Remember if you are exercising, are sick, pregnant, or breastfeeding you will need extra water!

I hope this chart will help you determine how much water you need to drink per day.

Please comment, Like, and Share! Thank you! Stacy ūüôā

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5 Ab Exercises For A Tight Stomach

By February 2, 2016 Fit Living
5 Ab Exercises for A Tight Stomach

Have you ever tried to do Ab exercises just a few weeks after having a baby?

Today we will discuss 5 ab exercise for a tight stomach.

After having my 5th baby and gaining 50-75 pounds each time my abs were stretched and not very strong.

Between babies I would exercise and get strong in my core just to have them stretched all over again.
So, I was beyond ready to have my abs back. I knew it would not be easy this time just like the others.

I knew I needed to eat better and exercise my core.

If you have tried to do a crunch right after having a baby you know it can be very hard and even impossible. Your abs are so weak, stretched, and separated that they just do nothing. It can be very upsetting if you are used to having a tight tone core.

If you just had your baby a few weeks ago then please visit this post and try these core exercises first then move on to these exercises.

It is best to do 3 reps of  these 5 exercises. If you can do 25 then do 25 X 3. If you can only do 15 or 10 each then do that. Do what works best for you right now and build on to it.

Exercise #1   Plank Twist

Start in a plank position on elbows, make sure you keep your whole body inline. Then you’re going to drop your hips to the right side touching the floor, back to center and then to the left side touching the floor. Remember each side you do 15 reps to equal one set.

Exercise #2     V-Ups

Lay down flat on your back with arms extended over your head. Then you want to slowly move your hands and your feet into a V position, meeting together at the top. Then going back down to the starting position.

Exercise #3   Mason Twist

You will need a light weight with this move. Start by sitting on your bottom with legs bent in the air and hands holding weight in front of your stomach. Then you’re going to want to drop the weight to your right side almost touching the floor , back to middle, then to your left side almost touching the floor. Remember each side you do 15 reps to equal one set.

Exercise #4  Mountain Climber

Get to the start of a pushup. Your neck, back, butt, and legs must trace a straight line. Spine must always be neutral. Tighten your core and butt. Lift one foot off the ground and drive the knee towards your chest. Tap the ground with the foot and go back to starting position. Do the same with other leg.

Exercise #5   Scissors

Start with laying on your back, placing your hands by your bottom (you can place them under your bottom too), legs about a foot off the ground. Then your going to open your legs and cross your left foot on top like scissors. Open your legs and cross the right leg on top like scissors. Remember each side you do 15 reps to equal one set.

Try these 5 ab exercises for a tighter stomach and see how you feel. You can start of slow and get to the point of doing more later.

Please like and share this post and comment below with your favorite moves for a tight tummy.

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Beginner Core Exercises

By January 25, 2016 Fit Living
FullSizeRender (14)

Today, we are going to look at two great exercises to help with your core that beginners can do.

Yes, it can be difficult to find core exercises that are not painful or that you can do, but it is possible.

When you are a beginner sometimes you skip the core exercises because they either hurt your neck, your back, or just plain out discourage you.

With these two beginner core exercises you will be able to build your core strength and feel great.

Exercise #1 Standing side crunch

Use one arm (lets say left) ¬†to hold onto a chair or wall if needed. Take the opposite leg (Right) and point it out to your right side like a ballerina. You will put your weight on your left leg. Raise your right arm to the sky above your head. Tighten your abdominal muscles. (The tightening of the abdominal or stomach muscles is very important. If you don’t keep them tight and engaged then you might as well not do these core exercises) Ok, you are going to bring your knee up to your right side and your elbow down past your knee. ( hopefully bring your knee higher than abdominal level close to chest level but remember to the side. Your elbow should come behind your knee and lower than your knee.) You will not be moving very far but the tightening of the abs and movement together are very beneficial. You will do this as many times as possible till you can’t do anymore. If you can do 25 on the right side then do 25 on the left. Do this 3 times on each side.

Exercise #2  Crunch 

Lay down on your back with knees bent. Lay on a mat or carpet, something comfortable. Take a deep breath with your hands (flat palms) on your thighs. Tighten your tummy ( very, very, very important to tighten and engage your abdominal muscles). Crunch up sliding your hands on your thighs up to your knees. Lead with your hands first not your head. This will help with neck pain. Crunch up, hold, and crunch down holding your tummy muscles tight the entire time. Relax, take a breath, and crunch again. Do this as many times as you possibly can. Do this 3 times.

If you can do these 2 beginner core exercises 3 times pre week then you will be well on your way to strengthening your core. Take a look at your tummy. Take a picture or measure. Do these 2 core exercises for 30 days and really concentrate on engaging and tightening your abdominal muscles during the core exercises. Then after 30 days reevaluate. Take another look at your tummy. Take another picture or remeasure. See if you can see a difference. See if your core is tighter and stronger. You can also increase as you get stronger. Core strengthening is very important for your body.
Give me an update as you do these Beginner Core exercises and let me know how you are doing @

If you found this article helpful please comment and share.


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Eating Healthy and Frugal

By January 18, 2016 Fit Living, Frugal Living
FullSizeRender (9)

Do you find yourself saying, “I can’t eat healthy and be frugal!”?

When we think of eating healthy we think it is expensive!

Yes, most of the time healthy food is more expensive than unhealthy food. The drive through dollar menu is cheap. Unfortunately, these foods are leaving us unhealthy and paying very expensive medical bills.

You have to make the decision if you want to be healthy and draw the line. Have a plan and stick to it. Planning ahead pays off in many ways.

Frugal and Healthy can go hand in hand!

I will give you some ideas in today’s blog for what you can buy frugally to eat that is still healthy.

You will want to start looking for nutrient dense foods avoiding the nutrient deficient such as white bread or ramen.


Vegetables can be expensive! So don’t be afraid to purchase frozen. Fresh are the best choice but frozen are picked and then frozen at peak ripeness. Frozen foods also stay edible for longer. Don’t forget to check out farmers’ markets for deals on vegetables.

Kale and leafy greens are packed with vitamins. Try cooking  for best flavor. Kale chips are great.

Cabbage has antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin C.  Add to soup, stir fry, or sandwiches.

Broccoli fresh or frozen is a great choice and nutrient packed.

Spinach provides minerals, vitamins, fiber and protein. Add to salads to increase nutrients.

Carrots have tons of  vitamin A and  good carbs. Add to salads or soup.


Meats. Chicken and turkey are better choices than beef of course. Don’t forget beef though as it also adds specific fats and nutrients.

Eggs are a simple yet great source for protein.

Canned Tuna is a lean protein source with loads of protein. Other canned fish is also a great option.

Legumes like beans, chickpeas and lentils are great choices.

Protein Powder can be used when you are low on protein and need to add some extra to your diet. Protein shakes are great for breakfast or post workout snacks.

Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, nut butter, and quinoa are all cheap protein options to keep in mind.


Fruits can be very costly. Keep frozen in mind when buying them.

Watermelon contains vitamins A and C, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and lycopene an antioxidant.

Bananas are a great source of carbs and tons of potassium. Eat as a snack, add to oatmeal, or try as a frozen treat.

Plums provide vitamin K, A, and C with fiber and carbs.

Pears give fiber and vitamin C.

Cantaloupe, apricots, kiwi, and nectarines are fruits you don’t want to forget about as well as dried fruits.



Other options for frugal foods to keep in mind

Oats are very cheap and contain carbs and protein (lots) as well as thiamin, magnesium, folate, and phosphorus.

Milk is high in protein, calcium, and vitamin D.

Avocados can be costly but you can stock up on them when they are on sale. They are very nutrient dense.  Add them to salads or eat them plain.

Sweet Potato is a better option than white potatoes. Try slicing them and covering with olive oil then baking for 12  minutes each side (yummy).

Olive oil is a good fat source.

Almonds, Almond butter, and Walnuts provide protein and fat at a great value.


If you want to be frugal and eat healthy just have a plan. Take advantage of sales and the frozen section as well as farmers markets.

Comment below with your favorite foods to eat on a budget and how you stay on a budget while eating healthy.

If you enjoyed this blog please comment and share ūüôā


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10 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Out

By January 15, 2016 Fit Living
FullSizeRender (8)

How do you stay motivated to exercise?

I know there have been times that I just wasn’t motivated. I would come up with excuse after excuse and would give up ending my work outs. ¬†So, I have put a list together to help us stay motivated¬†to work out.


I think back to why I started working out. I try to remember what my goal was when I started. Was it my weight, my clothes didn’t fit the way I wanted them to, or had I had a baby and needed to tone up. So, when I get up and think” oh I’m going to skip today or I just don’t feel like it today” I think back to why I started and how I don’t want to start over again.


When I make a challenge I tend to stick with it. I try to make sure they are not  to big just little short challenges. If they are to long or big I give up, but if they are a few weeks I can stick to them.


I love to keep track of what I have done. I write down how long I did my wall sit or plank, how many lunges or squats I did. Then, the next week look at it and try to up it.  I also like to track the days I work out. I mark my calendar with a specific color marker if I worked out so I know I stayed on track and know how many times I did not.


When I think I ¬†can’t do anymore I like to keep reminding myself “I can do this”. When I am really getting tired doing an exercise like running or sit ups I just keep repeating I can do this, I can do this, I can do this. Sorda like the little engine that could lol :). It is funny but it keeps me going.


I like to think back or look at a picture of where I was when I started and how far I have come with my work outs. If I can see that I have more muscle or slimmed down then it keeps me motivated to do more.


I love to have a picture of the goal I want to accomplish. I have a picture of myself from a few years ago when I was in great shape that I like to have close by to remind myself of my goal. Maybe I will make it my screen saver on my phone or put it in the bathroom on the mirror. Seeing the picture keeps me motivated to work hard.


I like to have someone to work out with. Most of the time it is my husband but can be a friend also. If I have someone to work out with then I have more fun and it is more than just working out.


If I compete with a friend or hubby over who can do more of an exercise or run farther than it makes me push myself. Competing can be a great motivator. It can be friendly and fun at the same time.


There are so many apps out there that can keep us motivated. I love apps that track my steps. Apps can even tell me when I need to step up my game and walk more or tell me I’m doing a great job. Any encouragement is a plus.


I don’t know about you but I love stick it notes. I also love positive sayings. When you put those together then you have a winning combination. I love to write Bible verses or positive things on stick it notes and post them around the house. Maybe one says “you can do it”, “play hard or go home”, “be happy”,”Just do it”,”Yes you can”,”never give up”,”Failure is not an option”,”God is with you”,”keep pushing”, “your awesome”, ok that is just a few lol :). I just love positive notes and how they make me feel.

I think we can all find ways to motivate ourselves to work out more or harder. Pick one or pick a few and get started.

If you found this article helpful please comment below or share.

If you need an all natural supplement to help with energy to workout please let me know and I can recommend a good one for you.




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Healthy Snacks

By January 14, 2016 Fit Living

There are a lot of us that are trying to be healthier. That normally includes eating healthier and exercising. The only problem is when we eat healthy sometimes it leaves us still hungry a short time after we have ate our meal. So, we tend to eat snacks. There are many kinds of snacks and you have to choose wisely. Snacks can be misleading. Some may seem low fat or low calorie but may be very unhealthy.

I will list some healthy snacks for you here so you can try to make healthy snacks so you don’t grab the bad snacks like little debbies, chips, and cookies. Remember that planning ahead is important. When you plan for snacks you don’t have to grab something out or on the go. Have a baggie of something healthy in your car or bag at all times.


-No bake energy bites

-Greek yogurt and fresh or frozen berries


-Apples and peanut butter

-Oatmeal with cinnamon, brown sugar, or honey

-Nuts, sunflower seeds, and pistachios

-Carrots and celery

-Cottage cheese and fruit

-Granola bars

-String cheese and grapes

-Banana or apple with peanut butter

-Smoothie made with greens, fruit, and protein powder

-Cucumbers or olives

-Beef or turkey jerky

Now these are all great choices to have when you are hungry and it is not meal time. Try not to grab the quick go to snacks that are unhealthy. Although I do not suggest to never eat anything unhealthy. I do think you can have a slice of cake, ice cream, or a couple cookies every now and then and enjoy them :). Just try to make it not very often. Have a cheat day that you get a bad snack. Enjoy it. But don’t do it daily.

Remember everything in moderation!! That even counts on the good stuff.

If you found this helpful then please share or comment below.

Let me know what healthy snacks you like.



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Encouraging the Workout Beginner: Start Small

By January 11, 2016 Fit Living

Are you working out?

Do you want to start?

You can do it! Get up and start moving. ¬†It doesn’t matter if you are running, lifting weights, or working out for an hour. Just get moving. If you get up during every commercial and walk in place then you are moving. If you are walking around the neighborhood, down the street you live, or in a park then way to go!

The point is to start. If you are really tired all the time and think you can’t ever workout then you are wrong. If you start working out you will realize you feel better, have more energy, and want to workout more.

Yes, some days you are going to not want to work out. That is when you need to push yourself to do it. Then you will be proud of yourself and will want to workout more often.

Try to workout everyday to make it a habit. Take a day off if you need to. Just do some form of working out everyday.

*Walk (that can be outside, inside, treadmill, walking in place, or around your living room) ( get your arms and legs moving)

*Squats ( do squats when you can like during commercials, everytime you go to the restroom, or set a time and amount)

*High Knees ( stand and raise your hands chest level and bring your knees to your hands one at a time)

*Push ups (if you can do real ones way to go, if you can do girl style on your knees then fine, if you need to do wall push ups for now then do it)

I do not suggest getting out there and working out for an hour if you have not been doing any form of exercise. Start slow. If you can do 15 minutes of walking and a few of the above each day then you are starting in the right direction and just add to it each week.

If you get started at some exercise each day then you will start to feeling better and be working toward your goal of working out more.

You can do it!

Put your mind to it and stick with it!

Romans 12:1 “I urge you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, and acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service of worship.”

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How to Read the Nutritional Labels on Food

By January 7, 2016 Fit Living

We all at one time or another look at nutrition labels. But, did you know that most people don’t know how to read them??

It is very important to know how to read them correctly because they tell you so much about the food you are eating. If you are counting calories or trying to see how fatty the food is or trying to figure if it has protein in it, and especially macronutrients.

Well today you can learn how to read a nutrition label!


Start with the Basic’s

1- Serving Size : Well this basically tells you how big one serving is. Sizes range from tablespoons, cups, ounces-etc. It just depends on the product! If you are familiar with your metric measurements then this should be pretty basic for you. The information on the nutriton label is based on the serving size ,that is why you see the serving size listed first. Take the above label for instance: 1 cup is the serving size and all info on the label is revolved around that 1 cup of food.

2-Servings Per Container: This number will tell you how many servings you will get in the entire package.  On the above label, you will get 2 servings out of this container. If a serving size is 1 cup, as mentioned above, then there are a total of 2 cups of food in the entire product. Which is why there are only two servings.  So, if you eat 2 servings (the entire thing), you must then multiply the information listed on the label by 2. Same as if you ate 3 servings or more.

3-Calories: This will give you a measure of how much energy you get from a serving of that food. Eating foods that are packed with nutrients without being too high in calories means it is a nutrient-dense food = a good food choice.

4-Fat: Now the nutrients part of the label! Fat will be the first macronutrient that you see on any given nutrition label. It will tell you how many grams of fat are in each servings and breaks the fat down into a few different types: the main ones being saturated & trans fats and then there’s monounsaturated & polyunsaturated fats. You should not avoid fat completely, but you must choose the GOOD FATS instead of the BAD FATS.

Good Fats: unsaturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats        Unsaturated fat is good for the heart and can usually be found in liquid form when at room temperature (Olive oil)

Bad Fats: Trans & saturated          Saturated fats are found in meats and animal products and high levels are known to contribute to heart disease. Trans fats are the worst and should be avoided as much as possible since they have zero benefits to them. Trans fats are man-made and have been linked to diabetes, heart disease, cardiovascular diseases and other health risks.

5-Cholesterol: Cholesterol can be found on the label right after the Fats. It is  a waxy, fat like substance which is known to regulate hormones just like fats. Caution: too much cholesterol in the blood can damage arteries and cause cardiovascular disease. Foods with a high cholesterol content should be avoided when possible.

6-Sodium: Sodium is basically your normal table salt.   Sodium is not all evil as many think. It regulates your blood pressure & volume. However, too much can raise your blood pressure considerably and you may experience swelling in your hands & feet as it increases your blood volume way too much if your intake is too high. Healthy adults should limit sodium intake to 2,300 mg per day. For those with high blood pressure, they should keep it to no more than 1,500 mg per day.

7-Total Carbohydrates: Carbs are GREAT for the body.( you are saying WHAT?) You just need to pick the right carbs. There are two types of carbs: good (complex) and bad (simple). Complex carbs contain more fiber and nutrients than simple carbs which are basically sugars that do nothing for you, besides supply a little energy and leave you craving more carbs/sugar. It is a good idea to track your good and bad carbs to make sure you choose more of the complex kinds such as whole grains, brown rice, and whole wheat. They also help keep you feeling fuller for a longer amount of time.

8-Dietary Fiber: Fiber is VERY important for the body. Food high in fiber, due to the inability to be digested, also helps you stay fuller, longer. There are two types: insoluble and soluble.

Soluble fiber breaks down in water and some good sources include oats and oatmeal, legumes (peas, beans, lentils), barley, fruits and vegetables (especially oranges, apples and carrots).

Insoluble fiber does not absorb or dissolve in water. It passes through our digestive system in close to its original form. Insoluble fiber offers many benefits to intestinal health, including a reduction in the risk and occurrence of hemorrhoids and constipation. The scientific names for insoluble fibers include cellulose, lignins, and also some other hemicelluloses. Most of insoluble fibers come from the bran layers of cereal grains.

9-Sugar: SUPER important part to track on a food label. You want to limit your sugar intake as much as you can throughout the day as there are zero benefits from this quick form of energy that fizzles out quickly. There are many types of sugar: natural, added, and artifical. Obviously, natural sugars such as ones found in fruit are going to be your best bet. However, eating too much of any sugar can lead to Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Weight Gain, and more. When your sugar drops from eating sugary things then crashing you end up wanting more, having mood swings, and craving that are uncontrollable.

10-Protein: Next on the label is Protein, they are the building blocks of muscle. You need protein-at least 1 gram per pound of body weight for the average person to be exact. Looking at this part can easily help you calculate your protein intake for the day to make sure you stay on track with your goals.

11-Vitamin A, C, Calcium and Iron: Basically, these are the main and most important vitamins that the body needs in order to function throughout the day properly. Some foods will have more vitamins than other foods and it’s always a great idea to try to aim for the most nutritious foods out there or most nutrient/vitamin packed. By looking at this section, it makes it so much easier for you.

12-Percent Daily Value (% DV): This is the part of the nutrition label that is based on the amount of nutrients in a typical individual’s needs in a day. By limiting foods you eat that are high fat, cholesterol, and sodium (20 percent DV or more), you will help to reduce your risk of disease and promote weight loss or maintenance. Now, 5 percent DV or less is low and 20 percent DV or more is high. Also, look for the nutrients to limit: saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol and sodium, and for the nutrients to seek: fiber, vitamins A and C, calcium and iron. For the nutrients to limit, stay within 5 percent DV and, for the nutrients to increase, aim for 20 percent DV or higher. Eating foods high in the nutrients required for your body to function properly, like vitamins, minerals and fiber, will also reap these same rewards.

13-Ingredients: Last you have your ingredients list. This is the part of the nutrition label that most people’s eyes tend to wander toward when desiring to eat clean. The very first ingredient listed is what the product mainly consists of. All ingredients are listed in the order as its found within the food. If wheat flour is the first ingredient, the product is made up mostly of wheat flour. If sugar is second on the list, the product is secondly made up of sugar. Always read this part of the nutrition label, but do not focus on just the ingredients alone!

I’m sure you can see¬†there is a ¬†lot that goes into reading one little nutrition label, but I hope you now have a better understanding of how it all works together! If you have never read a label before, I encourage you to take the time to do it. Take a little time and go visit your pantry to look at¬†some labels. It can really make or break your weightloss (or weight gain) journey!

If you have any questions about reading labels please message me at

If you want to know more about leveling your blood sugars then reach out to me and I will be happy to help you with that.

Happy label reading!!


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Beginners Work Out Or When Your Beginning Again

By January 6, 2016 Encouragement, Fit Living
FullSizeRender (4)

Since it is the New Year many people are starting their new years resolutions. Many will have working out as one of their resolutions. That is awesome! If you are wanting to get started working out then you have come to the right place. I will be starting this specifically for beginners and (againers lol :)) . I know that we all have good intentions to start working out and to continue the journey and make it a part of our lives, but sometimes we get off track by one thing or another. Maybe we get sick, go on vacation, have a baby, or just get burnt out or tired. It is very easy to do. But you are here now and we are going to do this!

FullSizeRender (3)

(This is me at 40 weeks pregnant with baby #5 Baby Grace. I had gained 70+ pounds with her)

I have done the get on the boat and a month later get off, jump on the work out wagon and in a few months fall off of the wagon. I have been pregnant and found myself not eating well or working out like I should. I have had a cold or stomach bug and got out of the routine and just didn’t get back into the routine after I was well.

I have even been injured during a fall and couldn’t move my neck. I was in the best health I had ever been in. I was a single mother of two at the time and going to the gym regularly. I was eating better than ever probably because it was just me that I was cooking to please because well I believe kids eat what is on the table. I don’t believe in having to make multiple meals to please everyone. (Could you imagine doing that for 7 people). I also believe that if you make it and they have to eat it then they will learn to eat better and hopefully make better choices in the future. Anyway, I was in incredible shape! I was doing cardio and lifting free weights mostly and some machines but I was physically in tip top shape.

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(This was me before my neck injury. I was in great shape and a mother of 2 at this time)

Then one day I fell and found myself unable to move my neck at all. I had a concussion and was stuck in the bed or on the couch. Obviously, my working out was put to an abrupt stop. I couldn’t do anything. Walking was painful, sitting was painful, even laying was painful. For three months I was unable to do anything and was going to therapy multiple times per week. After three months I had neck surgery where they removed a ruptured disc and placed a metal plate and 4 screws in my neck. I had hopes that I would be back to my normal self very soon, but that wasn’t what happened. I had muscle damage in my neck and was still unable to move it. So, for 2 more years I was unable to move my neck or head and was in a great deal of pain. So walking was about the max of my working out. I did try to run at times and that wasn’t working. I tried weights only to realize I could not do that at all due to my arms still being numb and not much muscle strength from almost 3 years of ongoing pain. I did eventually find a lady that did deep tissue medical massage that was able to help me. It was very painful and took time but she was able to get me where I could move my head and neck again and eventually out of most of the pain. I still have pain 5 years later and I don’t think I have complete movement but I am happy for what I do have. I say all this to say I have been there.. Most of us have stopped working out before for some reason or another and it is OK!!

 If you are a mom struggling with finding the time, strength, or energy to exercise, take care of your body, are needing help please reach out to me.

¬†If you just can’t do it all right now it is OK!¬† Nursing a baby or growing a new life are so important, and hard work! ¬†Take time to heal and then get started slowly. There will be a new season in which you can find yourself in real soon.

If you are able to start now I encourage you to do so! ¬†Start out slow. Just start! Anything is something! ¬†For your health, for your family, and sometimes for your sanity. ūüėČ ¬†Because you have to take care of you also. Remember you are important!

Beginners or Againers ūüôā

Start out by walking. Maybe it isn’t great weather, thats Ok. Start walking around your house just keep moving. Speed walk through your house, up and down the stairs, or even in place while you are watching your favorite show. Try to walk for 15 minutes straight. No stopping. Arms bent and moving. Legs moving with knees bending. If you can do this everyday for 15 minutes then you are doing something! (and anything is something to begin!) Now, if you feel like 15 minutes is nothing then please do it for longer. And if the weather is ok outside then please go outside and walk. Walking outside will do wonders for you. Take in deep breaths, swing those arms, move those legs and think and refresh yourself. It is amazing what a good walk can do for your body and mind. Now it would be awesome if you could up it each day. Start with 15 minutes of walking and then the next day 20 minutes working up to more time each day.

If you want to add to it then do so. But that is what I want beginners to do for one week! We will up it next week so do as much as you can and push yourself!

Also, Drink Your Water!! Take your weight and cut it in half. Drink that many ounces of water per day. If you are 150lbs then you would drink 75oz of water per day.

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Hello I will be posting on this blog about being fit in today’s world. I am a mother of 5 and in this picture I am 8 months pregnant with #4 at 35 years old doing heel stretches on the beach. I love my family and love being fit!

Stay tuned for future post on fit living!

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