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Tips for Saving On Baby Items

By January 12, 2016 Frugal Living, Mom Life
baby gear

We all know babies are expensive, right??

From the prenatal care, hospital or midwife care, to diapers and clothes, and especially all the baby gear we buy.

Well for some having babies are very expensive while others not so much. It does not have to break the bank when you have a baby. You can be frugal even during those years of being fruitful and multiplying. 😉

We see all the baby stuff at the store and think, oh, I have to have that! Or we see other moms with an awesome stroller, carseat, or maybe a beautiful carrier that we would love. It is easy to want all of it I know.

But, babies don’t need all that stuff and honestly neither do we.

Yes, some of the items do make life with littles easier and more convenient. You just have to chose wisely what to buy and where to buy it.

You can make a budget and stick to it using multiple different ways and save on all the baby items.

1- Borrow and share with friends and family.

Talk with your friends and family that have or have had babies recently. You may have friends that are not using their stroller at this point in their parenting journey. Maybe they don’t need the baby bath, bassinet, swing, or bumbo seat right now and you can use it. Then you just give it back when you are finished and/or they need it again. Maybe you find a friend that is finished having babies and is getting rid of their baby bed, stroller, or car seat. Don’t forget about all the baby clothing that you will only use for a very short time. Most people will hand down clothing that has only been worn a few times and their child grew out of.  Take advantage of these things you can save on. You will only use them for a short time so borrow and share with others. Remember when you do purchase something to also share with others to help them save during this season of their lives.

2- Baby registry

Be sure to register! Your friends and family will want to get you something for that new bundle of joy so register! You don’t want them getting you what they think you want or need. Tell them where you are registered. Put everything you want and need on that registry.

3- Registry completion discounts.

Target and offer a registry completion discount of 15%. They will also give you a welcome bag when you register at Target with a number of baby coupons. Most of the time 60-90 days before your due date you can take advantage of the completion discount. Don’t forget about this and take advantage of it.

4- Purchase used items.

Talk to church friends and family friends that are just out of the baby stage and see if you can purchase any of their used items. We love when others are finished and their items are only used for one or two children. They are like new most of the time. You can save a ton by doing this. It helps with both families as we were able to get what we needed and they were able to clear out some much needed space and had a little money to get things they needed at the point they were in at the time.

Don’t forget about those thrift stores and second hand stores. I just recently bought a double stroller from one in our town for $90 that was originally over $200. I consider that a win! They have tons of strollers, bouncy seats, swings, clothes, sheets, and blankets at great prices and some of the stuff still has the tags on it.

cloth diaper

5- Cloth diapers

It really will not matter to your child now or when they are older if they wore cloth diapers or not probably. We use cloth for the most part and disposable at times as well. I love cloth. There are so many cute prints and who doesn’t just love a fluffy little bottom. Cloth will save you tons of money as disposables are expensive. You can also find sites on line that sell used cloth diapers.  Don’t forget about how all the disposable diapers are just more waste we are putting into our environment. I do use disposables at night because I tend to have babies that are heavy wetters at night. Some people are brand loyal to diapers and wipes and such but I am not. I have found that the walmart or target brand do just fine.

baby food

6- Baby food

We do make our baby food and do baby led weaning to an extent. Baby food is also very expensive. I think I saw some the other day that was a 2 pack for over $1. Now, I know you are thinking really what is a dollar?? Well every dollar adds up.  Also, most of the time you cook dinner for your family and have left overs correct? Take those left over veggies or macaroni etc. and grind it up. You do not have to have a fancy baby food grinder machine. I have had 5 kids and never bought one of those. You can use whatever you have in your kitchen. I happen to have a little hand held non electric squisher/ grinder thing lol. (it’s really old like 15 years old) and it still works just fine for my babies. You can use a regular blender as well. If you want to make a lot of peas, green beans, or carrots then just blend them up and put them in ice cube trays and freeze them. Then dump the carrot ice cubes into  a freezer bag and store until you need them. These are very handy.

froze baby food

So, I hope you have learned a little about ways to save for those baby years on all that baby gear. 😉

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By January 9, 2016 Mom Life
FullSizeRender (6)

I have seen so much in the news lately about breastfeeding. I saw a video that a man was being so rude to a mother nursing her baby on a subway car, Alyssa Milano being criticized by Wendy Williams, and so many more. It is just terrible how breastfeeding is viewed by so many.

I will say God made us in His image and he had a purpose for everything he did when designing us. He made every body part for a purpose and it is amazing to think about. Just think about our heart and how it pumps our blood through different chambers and throughout our bodies. How our kidneys filter out toxins and then get rid of them. How food goes into our body and is designed to take what we need (vitamins, nutrients, fluid, etc) and then get rid of the rest. Our brain sends messages through tiny nerves to our finger telling it to move. How we can tell something is hot by a message going from our hand to our brain and then the brain sends a message back so fast telling our hand to move so it doesn’t get burnt. It is amazing how God designed our bodies!! Well it is no different with Breast! God designed breast to feed and nourish our babies. Breastfeeding is very important for babies.

Breast are also very specifically made. The breast hold milk and then release milk when the baby nurses. The breast know when to produce more milk as your baby grows and needs more. If your baby is sick with a cold then their saliva is absorbed by the breast when they nurse  and then your body produces antibodies that is in your breast milk  for the specific cold or sickness that your baby needs. Breast are made for babies!

God made breast for a purpose just like all the other parts of our bodies.

Many people just want to sexualize breast.

When you are at the beach you see women showing their breast. I don’t see them being told to cover up.

When you watch music videos or even tv shows that women are showing their entire breast,  you don’t see people saying she should cover up.

When you are out to eat and a woman has a top on that is so low cut you can see her belly button, you don’t see anyone telling her to cover up.

When you are at the mall and a woman is busting out of the top of her shirt and showing everything, you don’t see anyone telling her to cover up.

Now, you see a woman at a restaurant breastfeeding and everyone is starring or whispering and some even being told to go to the bathroom, cover up, or stop.

You see a woman breastfeeding at the beach and it is looked at as terrible. People saying I can’t believe she is doing that here.

So, we are expected to tell our babies;

“Sorry sweetie, I know your hungry but you will have to wait till we get to the hot car where it is close to 100 degrees for you to eat because people don’t want to see you nursing”.

“Here sweetie put this blanket over your head, I know it’s really hot outside but people don’t want to see you nursing”.

“Ok your hungry, let’s go to the bathroom where there are so many germs for you to eat. Yes, I know everyone else is eating at the table and it is nice and clean and doesn’t stink there and it’s basicly germ free, but people are uncomfortable with you nursing at the table”.

I will not do these things ever! If my babies are hungry they will eat. I will generally pull my shirt up where no one can see my breast or throw a light weight blanket over my breast at least not always the baby so that I am not exposed. I do try to respect others and not show my breast. I would consider myself modest and that is just me. If  I see a baby nursing totally uncovered then it is fine also.

Breastfeeding is normal!

It is God’s design for babies!

So, please when you see a mother nursing her babies don’t make a face or say cover up, go to the bathroom, or stop what your doing. Just smile at her! Praise her for doing what is best for her baby and her. Be understanding that cars are hot, bathrooms are disgusting, blankets are not always doable with all babies.

If you would not go to the bathroom, car , or cover your head when you eat then don’t expect babies to either.

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