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Tips For Treating and Preventing The Cold and Flu

By February 20, 2017 General

Well, unfortunately we are right in the middle of cold, flu, stomach bug, and sinus season. It doesn’t help that the weather is a bit crazy this year.

It was 70 and 80 over the weekend and then freezing during the week. Like really weather?!?!

Sometimes, it seems unlikely  to dodge winter-time illness between you and your kids, right?

Well there are ways we can try our best to avoid getting sick at all costs.

After working in the medical field for years and years and having 5 children I have had my share of treating colds, flu, stomach bugs, and sinus issues.  I have had to learn how to TRY to avoid getting these wonderful little sicknesses and I have also gained the knowledge with what worked to treat them and what didn’t work as well.

My tips to preventing and treating the cold and flu.


Yep, you got it!  This simple thing is the number one way to prevent getting sick. Take a minute and think about everything you touch throughout your day and how many other people touch those things as well.  Just washing your hands and using sanitizer can greatly reduce your chances of getting sick.

Use a good hand wash that preferably is low in chemicals and a hand sanitizer that is as well. You can always make your own with Essential Oils. Thieves essential oil is awesome for making hand soap and hand sanitizer. It smells great and kills germs while not having all the chemicals and toxins others do.

Clean and Sanatize your home and things.

If we could physically see germs in our homes it would probably be pretty scary. Germs are everywhere and they live on everything! It is very important to clean and sanitize your home and things often. Don’t forget to wash sheets and blankets. Wipe down counters, doorknobs, tables, chairs, and light switches. Your personal things can also harbor tons of germs. Cell phones are really disgusting when examined under microscopes.

I recommend to use the Thieves concentrate cleaner to clean all surfaces of your home. It is safe and very economically friendly as well, which is an added bonus in my opinion.

Use a humidifier.

Controlling the humidity levels inside your home can help control the survival of flu viruses on surfaces and in the air. The lower humidity levels help the influenza virus to survive longer. 😬 We have gas heat which is very dry so a humidifier is very important for us. Get a good humidifier or two and get it running.

Narrow down what sickness you have.

This can  definitely be a hard one to do for some people, and for others it is very obvious. So first thing you should do is check your symptoms. The biggest difference between the cold and the flu is that, with the flu, you will have chills, high fevers, and body aches. The symptoms come on rather all of a sudden rather than progressing later on.

I have had great success helping with many of the symptoms by using essential oils. If you would like more information on what oils help with specific symptoms then email me at

What to do when you are sick. 

Get rest! Your body needs rest to help fight off the infection. Trust me I know how hard this is as a mom. Take a nice warm bath or relax in bed watching your favorite show or nothing at all lol 😂.

Stay hydrated. This is super important. Try for at least half of your body weight in ounces daily to feel your very best.

Try to avoid areas that many people are in and out of this season to avoid the germs. I know easier said than done. If you can treat the symptoms at home then do. I don’t recommend going to the germ filled doctors office or hospital unless absolutely necessary. Most of these illnesses can be treated without doctors care and you will be left with a better immune system for later on.

I would recommend trying to boost your immune system as well. We like to diffuse essential oils to help boost our immune system so we don’t get sick or at least as often. It is also very beneficial to take a good probiotic to help your gut health and boost your immune system. Not getting sick is best of course, but no matter what we all get sick sometime.

If you would like information on what probiotic I recommend and what essential oils I use then message me.

If you have any comments (nice ones only please ) then leave them below or email me at

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Which Side Do You Carry Your Children On?

By February 11, 2017 General

Do you know which side you normally carry your child on?

Next time you are picking up your sweet children, take note of which side you put them on.

Did you have them on your left?

Science says most of us are and the reason why is fascinating.

The reason most favor one particular side when holding your baby is not something you would necessarily notice straight away. But this tendency in mothers, human and otherwise, is one which has had scientists scratching their head for a long time.

Pprevious research has indicated that 70–85% of women and even girls show a bias to hold infants, or dolls, to the left side of their body. This doesn’t only occur in motherhood either. Little  girls of preschool age have demonstrated the left sides carrying too.

What I find even more interesting is that this is not the same with males at all. Fathers tend to carry more often on their left side but other men do not.

 For years, theories have been tossed about in an attempt to explain this preference. Scientists have delved into studies around handedness, proximity to mum’s heartbeat, left breast sensitivity and socio-psychological factors.

But recent studies are showing that the truth is far more cerebral.

It’s Actually All About The Brain

When a mother hold her child on her left side the mothers right side of her brain lights up. The right side of the brain is what helps a mother bond with her child.

Physical touch on the left side of the body is matched with a response in the right side of the brain.
This relationship between one side of the body and it’s opposing side of the brain is called lateralisation.
The right side of the brain is the side responsible for language and interpreting emotional signals, amongst other things.
Therefore, when a baby is held on the left, the mother better able to interpret it’s physical and emotional cues.

You may also find it interesting that humans are not the only ones who do this. Researchers have found that wild horses, reindeer, walruses, kangaroos, and whales tend to keep their young on their left. Even young that we’re able to choose the side to be on tend to stay on the left side.

So, take note today of what side you carry your children on.  If it is your left then great job at carrying and bonding with your children. 😀

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