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Pyramid Schemes/ Multi-Level Marketing

By January 14, 2017 Encouragement
Pyramid Schemes/ Multi-level marketing

OK… I know you all know what I am talking about.

If you are on social media at all then you have probably noticed the changes.

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn all have seen a change in the kind of posts people are making.

As you scroll through your social media accounts and new feeds you see pictures and posts that scream “JOIN ME”, right? Your being added to pages and parties for everything you can think of.

You may be wondering why you are seeing all these small businesses starting up now days.

Why are you being blasted with ads for everything under the sun?

Everyone you know is jumping on some sort of band wagon and they are telling everyone all about it.

The Truth

Ok you asked for it. The truth is everyone is doing it because IT WORKS!  Yes, you heard it right these companies are working for these people.

You know the things you call SCHEMES! Well they are actually great opportunities. They are legitimate small business that these people own and are working form their homes. I know hard to believe huh.

Today’s World

In today’s world it takes two incomes to just make ends meet. People are sick and tired of being so sick and tired. Tired of living pay check to pay check. Tired of having bills up to their eye balls. Tired of other people getting most of their paychecks or a mortgage payment to take care of their kids while they go work for someone who might not even know who they are. Tired of working long hours, being away from their families just to feed, clothe, and keep a roof over their heads.

The majority of these posts are mothers but they are not the only ones. Fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, college students, everyone is learning all about how to be a small business owner or entrepreneurs.

So give them props because IT IS WORKING!

Pyramid Schemes

I know you have all heard about pyramid schemes but despite what you have heard and think there is a difference. they are actually ILLEGAL!! The businesses you see on social media are called multi-level marketing and it is NOT ILLEGAL! MLM’s are set up to help the small business owner have financial success.

Let’s stop for a minute and talk about a regular JOB. Normally there is a worker, a manager, a boss, a CEO, and the owner. The higher in this lets call it a pyramid lol depend on the lower people on the pyramid to actually run the show and business. In these businesses the goal is to climb the ladder and work your way to the top of the well pyramid pretty much lol. So I think all jobs are pretty much a pyramid if you think about it huh? But some are legal and others are not. If your friend is sharing it with their friends odds are its a ok. Who would scam their friends anyway. Most people scam people they don’t know.

Why Are They Sharing These Things With Everyone

So maybe you think why are they sharing these companies and products with everyone?

Well let me put it this way for you. If you go out to eat at a nice restaurant like Ruth Chris’s Steak House and you enjoy yourself and the food is awesome do you tell others? Yep probably. If you find a great deal on shoes at Target will you share that special or deal with others so they can go get a deal also? Yep probably. If you find a doctor or chiropractor that is just very special or does an outstanding job are you going to share your experience with others? Yep probably. If you go get your hair cut and the hairstylist is great and your hair looks amazing are you going to share and tell others? Yep probably. If you find a recipe on Pinterest and you try it and it is a win will you share it on FB or social media for your friends to try? Yep most likely if you like your friends hehe.

So you see we share things we like. So if these companies are pyramid schemes then I guess we are all involved in some type of pyramid scheme. OH MY!!

We are all just sharing what we like and what has changed our lives either financially or physically.

I like to call them Sharespeople! I mean sharing is caring right?

Who’s Pocket Are You Stuffing

I want you to think for a minute about who you are supporting when you spend your money. When you go out and buy something from a store like Target, Dillards, Belks, Macy’s you are filling the pockets of millionaires. You are adding to the number of houses they have, the elaborate vacations they take, and their retirement like they actually work anyway right.

When you support your friends and their small businesses you are helping real normal everyday people. You are helping a mother be able to stay home with her children, a struggling family pay for groceries or keep their power on, a grandmother to take care of the grandchildren she is raising, helping families put their kids in dance, football, or other sports they enjoy, your helping military families that are over seas purchase plane tickets to come home for a visit, helping a college student pay for their tuition, helping people pay off medical bills or afford to get their families the care they need for terrible illnesses, your helping families that are taking care of aging parents, you are helping those who are like you.

These posts you see on social media are not just thrown out there in hopes that someone will buy their products. They are thought about, researched, and most of the time prayed over because the ones posting don’t just want your money like you might think. They want to provide for you. They want to give you what is going to help or make you happy. They stay up late at night researching their products and testing their products. They are constantly learning about their products and company so they can help others like themselves.

How Can You Really Help

Next time you see a post when you are scrolling through your social media take time to think about that person and what their post is really about. If it is something you or someone you know might be interested in then share it or give that product a chance.

Let’s start with caring for others. Have an open mind and heart as you read these posts. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. If you were sharing something you loved and cared for how would you want others to respond?

Love each other people!

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