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Tips for Saving Money When You Are A Stay- At-Home-Mom

By February 7, 2016 Frugal Living
Tips for Saving Money When You Are A Stay- At-Home-Mom

Are you a stay-at-home-mom and want some tips for saving money?

I have been a stay-at-home-mom and a working single mom and have had success with these tips I am going to share today.

Maybe you are a struggling to make ends meet or would like to be more frugal with the money you do have.

Use one or all of these tips for your family and let me know how they help.

Tips :

Make a budget and stick to it!
Create your budget for your family. Go over every penny you spend and make sure all of your money has a place to go. If you have money left over after bills, food, savings, etc. then you should have a zero budget. Stick to this budget and don’t stray from it.

Eat at home and limit eating out!
Plan for your meals and meal prep so you are not caught off guard with nothing for a meal. This will keep you from running in the grocery store spending extra money above your grocery budget and keep you out of the drive through. Plan when you will splurge and eat out.

Use cash for purchases!
Instead of swiping that debit card or even worse the credit card use your cash. If you use cash you will think more about what you are spending. Seeing that hard earned money in your hand makes it harder to spend. When you are feeling it go through your hands at each purchase it sinks in. You also won’t overspend. If it is not there then you wont spend it :).

Prioritize and Sacrifice!
You will need to decide what your priorities are. Do you want to stay home? Then you may have to sacrifice getting your nails done and driving the newest minivan or suv. Do you want to eat healthy all the time? Then you may need to make a garden and can food to eat during the winter months. Do you want to build a savings big enough to pay off your home? Then you may have to downsize or not take vacations for a couple of years. You have to decide what is important to you and then decide what you are willing to sacrifice to make those priorities work. It may be hard at first but will be worth it in the end.

So, if you are a stay at home mom or just wanting to be I hope these tips helped you.

These tips for Saving Money When You Are A Stay- At-Home-Mom have really helped me in my journey to stay home with my kids and be frugal.

Please like and share. Thank you!

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5 Tips for Being More Frugal

By January 8, 2016 Frugal Living

Do you consider yourself FRUGAL??

Well if you are trying to be frugal or would like to be keep reading!

Being frugal doesn’t mean that you can never spend money. It means you spend your money wisely. You are spending wisely now so later you can spend like you never have before.

1- Plan Ahead  

Planning is one of the easiest ways to save money. Plan your meals for the week. Plan your grocery shopping (time and list). If you plan out your meals and then go to the grocery store with a PLAN then you will do so much better. You will stay on task and not forget things which saves you from having to make extra trips to the store when you realize you don’t have something ( we have all done it and ended up spending way more than we needed to). You normally will only buy what is on that list because you will focus more on the list instead of just trying to think what do I want or need. You will also have a plan for dinners and other meals so that you don’t end up eating out. When you plan ahead you can have your coupons ready. Planning ahead also helps with purchasing gifts. At Christmas, birthdays, showers, etc.  it helps to do it early and try to find a good price instead of waiting till the last minute and running in with no idea of what your getting and spending way over your budget.

2- Stop Waisting Your Money

Hopefully we all have a budget that we try to go by. But do you find yourself spending money on things that you never use, wear, or forget about? Do you have memberships that you don’t use? Many people have a gym membership that is outragious that they pay monthly on and never use. Or magazines that come to their home that they never read. Cancel them!! If you don’t use it cancel it! Do you spend $300 or more per month on eating out? Start cooking at home. Do you spend $500 per month on groceries then catch yourself at the drive through, getting pizza, or at a restaurant? Stop waisting all that money. You probably have food going to the bad in your fridge. Think and plan so you do not waste your money.

3- Make Friends With Frugal People

If you want to be more frugal then become friends with frugal people. No, I don’t mean get rid of your friends you have now. Frugal friends can give you advice on how they are being frugal, they can keep you accountable on what you are spending, they can share coupon deals or groupon deals. You can go in together and buy groceries in bulk and split them. You can inspire each other with frugal ways and ideas.

4- Focus on Financial Goals 

Are you saving money each pay period? Do you have a 401K? Do you have kids? Consider your goals for down the road. Are you planning for your children college? Are you planning for your retirement? Make a goal for these things and start spending to reflect it. Think when you are buying something that you really don’t need but you just want. Is this something I can live without? If so save the money for your future.

5- Think About Long Term

Instead of thinking about what you can afford to pay each month on things and living paycheck to paycheck, start considering the long term of the cost of these things. If you had to pay for the entire year for something up front would you buy it? How much do you spend on your iPhone? Maybe it meets your budget but what if you had to pay for it all upfront? Do you spend $100 on cable every month? Do you even realize that you are spending $1200 a year to watch tv? Think about how much you are paying in the long term for these things you are paying for every month. There are things you have to pay for each month like power, water, sewer, and so on but there are some things you could live without.  Yes you need a car but do you need one with all the bells and whistles or can you deal with having a basic car that you don’t have to make payments on each month.

So, just try some of these 5 frugal ways and see if you can save some money each month.

You need to live today like you have never lived so that later on you can live like you never have before!

If you have ideas to be frugal or would like some help getting rid of some of your extras then contact me and let me help you cut back and save more.

Would you be willing to drive an older car today if it helped you afford a Corvette, Mercedes,  Lambo, or Range Rover later on?

Contact me @

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