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Happy New Year!!

By January 1, 2017 Fit Living

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you are all having a great start to the new year so far.

I am planning for a wonderful year.

What kind of determination are you starting off with this year?

You can NOT kinda-sorta want to change because you’ll only get kinda-sorta results.

You have to want this so deep-down in your soul that no one and nothing could stand in the way of you meeting your goals. You need fright-train determination. The kind that barrels down the tracks and completely obliterates every obstacle that is put in its way.

Maybe you have tried dieting, supplementing, wrapping, shaking, and pill popping in the past and didn’t see or feel any change. Maybe it’s time to detox your body and get it balanced at the CORE instead, so that it can metabolize fat and build muscle properly.

I’m ready. This is my year… and I’m inviting you on the journey with me. You’ll be provided a support group, delicious healthy recipes, nutrition advice, exercise tips from Certified Fitness Experts and have a chance to win some Unbelievable prizes!

Is this your year??

You ready to link arms with me and a tribe of go-getters?

Let’s do this!

Message me and tell me “THIS IS MY YEAR”!!

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Build A Booty Workout Challenge

By November 2, 2016 Fit Living
Build A Booty Challenge

Ok ladies, so it is now November and there will be family gatherings and Christmas and New Years parties. We all want to look our best right? So it’s not like bathing suit season where you want the abs to be on point so it’s time to work on the other parts of your body that will be showing more so to speak. Let’s build a booty with this workout that will be your best butt yet!

They always say it takes 21 days to build a routine and lets see how you do at building the booty in 21 days.

This challenge only consist of Lunges, Squats, and Burpees so I know you can do it!

Build a Booty Workout Challenge
*Day 1:         5 Lunges – 10 Squats – 5 Burpees
*Day 2:      10 Lunges- 15 Squats – 5 Burpees
*Day 3:      20 Lunges- 20 Squats – 10 Burpees
*Day 4: Rest Day- get in your cardio
*Day 5:      25 Lunges – 25Squats – 10 Burpees
*Day 6:      30 Lunges – 30 Squats – 15 Burpees
*Day 7:       35 Lunges – 35 Squats – 15 Burpees
*Day 8: Rest Day get in your cardio
*Day 9:      40 Lunges – 40Squats – 20 Burpees
*Day 10:    45 Lunges – 45 Squats – 20 Burpees
*Day 11:     50 Lunges – 50 Squats – 25 Burpees
*Day 12: Rest Day get in your cardio
*Day 13:     55 Lunges – 55 Squats – 25 Burpees
*Day 14:     60 Lunges – 60 Squats – 30 Burpees
*Day 15:     65 Lunges – 65 Squats – 30 Burpees
*Day 16: Rest Day get in your cardio
*Day 17:      70 Lunges – 70 Squats – 35 Burpees
*Day 18:     75 Lunges – 75 Squats – 40 Burpees
*Day 19:     80 Lunges – 80 Squats – 40 Burpees
*Day 20: Rest Day get in your cardio
*Day 21:     95 Lunges – 95 Squats – 45 Burpees
  • Stand up straight and tall, with your legs hip-width apart.
  • Tighten your abdominal muscles by pulling inward and upward.
  • Step forward with your right foot approximately 2 or 3 feet.
  • Keep your back straight as your body moves forward.
  • Lift your left foot up slightly, so that the toe is in contact with the floor, but your heel is not.
  • Bend both of your knees at the same time.
  • Make sure your right knee does not go over your toe line.
  • Pause in this position for a few seconds(1-3). Stopping your momentum will help you to put more effort into rising from the lunge.
  • Push off of your right heel to rise. Return your right leg to its starting position.
  • Repeat with the left leg.
  • Plant your feet flat on the ground, about shoulder-width apart.
  • Point your feet slightly outward, not straight ahead.
  • Look straight ahead. Bend at your knees as if you were going to sit back in a chair, keeping your heels on the floor.
  • Tighten your abs, and keep your lower back in a neutral position.
  • Tighten your whole body when you perform the squat.
  • Lower yourself. In a controlled manner slowly lower yourself down and back so that your upper legs are nearly parallel with the floor. Extend your arms for balance.
  • Never let your knees extend beyond your toes.
  • Keep the upper body tight at all times.
  • Begin in a standing position. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Now, lower your body into a squatting position.
  • Place your hands on the floor in front of you.
  • Kick your feet back  so that you are in push-up position.
  • Keep your hands firmly on the ground to support your body.
  • Lower your chest to do a push-up. Bring your chest back up.
  • Kick your feet back to their original position.
  • Stand up, and then jump into the air while reaching your arms overhead.

Please share this Build A Booty Challenge on your social media and like and comment below! 🙂

You can also tag me in any before and after photos or send them to me.

Link to the Workouts! Join in with me as I do them!

Build A Booty Challenge Day 1

Build A Booty Challenge Day 2

Build A Booty Challenge Day 3


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Workout While Playing With The Kids Outside

By April 9, 2016 Fit Living

Do you not have time to workout?

Do you wish you could workout while playing with your kids outside?

You can!

It can be done.

You think well I don’t have a mat or an area to workout outside. I need to lay down to do ab exercises or get on the floor to do my leg workout. No you don’t.

Do you think you have to have on workout clothes? You don’t! I have worked out in jeans many times.

The thing is make the most out of every moment. You can do lunges in any clothes and in any location. Have you tried doing lunges every time you go to the restroom? I do! When you go to the restroom do 20 lunges or squats while drying your hands. Do a wall sit for 30 seconds each time you go.

No excuses! Just Do It!

Check out my workout video showing you a few moves to do outside while your kids are playing here.

You can use your car to lean on or even a wall. Don’t pass up kids toys also. They can be great tools for working out.


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